My Favorite Drawing Products for 2012

Favorite Drawing ProjectsSome may think there’s no big difference between brands of markers and papers for kids, but I’ve learned better. My research this year for cartoon drawing tools that would bring the best results led me to the combination of Stabilo Markers and Artist’s Loft Drawing paper. The markers are amazing as they have fat tips that fill areas well, come in many great colors (including several skins options) AND are reported to work for up to 5 months with no cap on! I also love the fact that the caps are clear so matching them up is no longer a problem. I found mine at Aaron Bros. but you can also get them HERE at (I linked to the type I prefer.)

As for paper, I previously just used card stock from Staples, but found that the finish got a little fuzzy sometimes. This Artist’s Loft Drawing Pad paper from Michaels has a smooth finish, and is just heavy enough to handle multiple erasings that come with young artists just learning to draw.

My three characters were created with a CD size circle for their head, and finished with small bodies. Step by step tutorials are coming soon as these were a big hit with my students, even the young kinders.

Disclaimer: Though I have received free products and services from Michaels, my use of their name in this post was unsolicited.

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