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Screen+shot+2011-07-20+at+4.29.59+PMIf you are like me, you are often finding photos of art ideas on the internet which you would like to put on your future “to do” list. So you download the images to a folder, hopefully add a link somewhere, put it away, and sooner or later realize you have a ton of these and they are of no help because you cannot easily see them. Either that or you forgot you had them in the first place.
Well I just stumbled over this new site call “Pinterest” that is hands-down the easiest, most attractive and most useful way to save these valued bits of inspiration. With just a couple of clicks you have saved your image with link with notes, if desired. For some reason you have to be approved to start an account right now, but maybe that will change soon. Meanwhile you can take a peak at my “Art Project Ideas” collection that I have started by clicking on the button below. I have no sponsorship relationship with this company, I just really love what they have created.
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  1. BUSIR

    I’m very fond of Pinterest,learned about it trhough my daughter living in Chicago ,me in France.Y.S

  2. xinme

    Absolutely brilliant! I am the person you described above — collecting ideas and then forgetting about them! Thanks for sharing :) Now — if only I could figure out how to follow people’s pinterest pages . . . it looked like you had followers, but I couldn’t figure out how to sign up to follow. Perhaps I need to peruse more carefully :)

  3. Jack

    Wow, super cool find. I will be checking this out ASAP.

  4. I am crazy about Pinterest!!! Started using it last spring and, I’ve gone a bit over the top with it…lots of pins! It’s a wonderful resource for an art teacher! Great way to store your visuals and projects. Can’t wait to see your boards!

  5. Kathy Barbro

    Don’t give up if you are experiencing freezes when pinning. I did earlier yesterday, but then it worked fine in the evening. It’s worth waiting for!

  6. I too love love love Pinterest!
    Cheers Maria, preschool teacher


    I have been loving Pinterest too! Will check out your collection, thanks!

  8. Phyl

    I’ve had the same problem as Art Project Girl. Aarrggh!

  9. Funny, I’ve noticed a lot of bloggers posting about this (including me today) and now Pinterest seems to be freezeandrest . It is jamming up and giving error messages sometimes for me! I wonder if it is too much too fast for the server!

  10. Kathy Barbro

    Thank you Kim, must be synchronicity or something like that…

  11. I just joined pintrest. I’ve had your page bookmarked for about a year and visit often. I came back here today to “pin” you and lo and behold, this is your blog post today. It already seems to be a great resource.

    And thank you for your inspiration!

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