My Summer Self Portrait

Summer Self portraitI’d been exploring ideas for a back-to-school project combining art with story telling much like a popular art journal technique, in larger scale. This project which combines a self portrait with a composition about the students summer experience has become wildly popular with the kids and their teachers as a great kick-off to the school year.
1. Click HERE to download a blank letter-size body template. If you can Xerox on tabloid paper, copy the template at 125%.
The larger sized paper is always easier for students to work with.
2. Have the students add all of their personal details including facial features, hair and clothing and their names, in pencil. When complete they’re to trace over all pencil lines in black Sharpie marker.
3. Next, have the students use ballpoint pens to write their compositions in the background. In the interest of time, advise the students that neatness is not essential and to cross out or overwrite any errors.
4. Lastly, give the students liquid watercolors to complete their pictures.

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  1. Inside A Book

    I know this is a silly question and I googled it and still came up empty handed, but what is “tabloid” paper?? You stated that the students will work on Tabloid paper and then use liquid watercolors on it. What kind of paper will I be getting?

  2. Anonymous

    i have the same name as her and same spelling

  3. Lisa

    Absolutely LOVE your blog and this is a great project! Thanks for posting.

    I also wanted to let you know that your blog is featured in my Daily Blog Review: Weekend Edition.

    Come visit me at!

    Lisa @
    All That and a Box of Rocks

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