Nutcracker: Watercolor Painting

nutcracker watercolorI like to have students create one really special piece of art for the holidays, and I remember having good results with this nutcracker drawing last year. My only dilemma is figuring out which media to use. I have some Crayola Mixable Watercolor trays and watercolor paper, so this is a sample of how that media would look. I like the vivid red, the only catch is that a lot needs to be mixed (combining the violet and orange) and I’m not sure if I’ll get a lot of splotchy nutcrackers that way. More tests to come…

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  1. lauralee

    Hi there, I just used your drawn nutcracker TODAY to jump start our drawings. I changed a few things. I had them trace the rectangle 3 times and guided them to split each rectangle into 2. So the first rectangle became hat and face, the second rectangle was split for jacket above the belt and below the belt and the 3rd rectangle was split into upper leg and boots. It worked great for 3rd grade. We trimmed the face, shoulders, belt etc. with just some curved lines where needed so it’s not boxy.
    We will color them with markers, adding silver and gold metallics and use crayon skin tones for the face and hands. I also add cotton for hair and beard. Not sure about the background yet. Good luck. I love them. Thanks

  2. Tifani

    I cannot wait to see your other posts. We are using many of your holiday ideas to make gift tags for family gifts. The abstract snowman was a big hit with our young weekend guests.

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