Painting a Peacock

PeacockThere’s little reason to wonder why peacocks are a popular art subject, but I have never found an approach that I liked until I saw this layout at That Artist Woman’s blog. I love that you can easily see the face and feathers. I also tried finishing it off with a silver Sharpie marker for some added shine. Thanks for the inspiration Gail!

• Watercolor paper
• Crayons
Liquid watercolor paint
Silver Sharpie markers

PREP: If you have a wide range of ages is your class, like I do, you make want to consider making a template to trace for the first step. Starting off with a head and neck that fill the paper really helps everyone get off to a good start.

  1. The peacock head and neck shape is drawn (or traced) in pencil.
  2. The bottom of the neck has some scallop shapes added to look like feathers.
  3. Eyes and beak are drawn in the head as shown.
  4. The body below is filled in with lots of feathers that continue off the paper.
  5. The drawing is traced with a crayon, pressing heavily so the lines really show up.
  6. The art is painted with watercolor paint.
  7. After the paint is dry, the edges of the peacock are traced with a silver marker.



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