Paper Chains, Gum Wrapper Style

Paper ChainsGum wrapper paper chains have been around for a long time, but the original size is rather tedious for small hands. I found that scrapbook paper cut into larger strips works for many ages. This has been one of the most popular activities that I’ve ever tried with students from grade two to five.

1. Cut LOTS of strips of paper that are 1″ x 10″ in length. To make each link, the students must fold each strip in half, wrong sides together, and make a crease. The strip is opened, and each side in folded in half again. Lastly, both sides fold together, much like a book is folded. Press all edges to crease and make flat. The final should look like “bunny ears”, or two loops. Repeat for all links.
2. Follow the diagram to link chain together. Short chains make nice bookmarks, and long chains are fun to decorate with.

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  1. Suha

    very niiiiiiiiiiice :-)

  2. Artist Lama Hajjar

    It’s simple and interesting,
    I like the coloures. Sharing our ideas and projects is very useful keep going…THANKS

  3. CatyRose

    Love this! I was looking for a fun project to do with my younger siblings that didn’t require too much materials and wasn’t too difficult. This was perfect, thanks!

  4. Nancie Kay

    This would be a great lesson plan for an art substitute teacher! Thanks for sharing…

  5. BETH


  6. I love the scrapbook paper idea, thanks so much for this!

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