Paper Mache Valentine Heart Box

heart boxI used modeling clay to first form these Valentine heart boxes. If you can buy the clay at a ceramic supply store, it can be pretty inexpensive.
1. Each student got a piece of clay to form a ball to shape into a plump, round heart which they wrapped in plastic wrap.
2. The students covered the hearts with at least two layers of paper mache. The hearts were left to dry thoroughly over several days.
3. In the second class I used a utility knife to cut around the outside edge of each heart. The kids had fun opening up the heart and removing the plastic wrapped clay. They then painted all surfaces with acrylic paint.
4. Students coated all surfaces with Mod Podge, and some sprinkled on a little glitter for extra sparkle.

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  1. Cindy

    This is awesome! I love it! Thanks for sharing your great ideas:)

  2. sandra mead

    Ewally cute. Great as a gift.

  3. Kathy Barbro

    Hi Lauren,
    The two shapes don’t really fit into each other to make a lid, but they do always fit on top of each other. I picture a nice ribbon wrapped around them to make a gift or keepsake.

  4. A lovely project that will become a keepsake I’m sure!
    And I just wanted to let you know I’ve linked to Art Projects for Kids on my blog post today – a list of picture books on the theme of Art, selected by author and illustrator Sallie Wolf:

  5. Lauren

    Those are really cute! Just wondering, how did the lid stay on.

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