Pastel Indian Corn

Indian+CornFall is full of colorful imagery, be it pumpkins or leaves or corn. For some reason, glue drawing on black paper with chalk pastels, seems to bring out the best qualities of all these materials.
1. On a 9″ x 12″ piece of paper, show the students how to draw a long rounded rectangle for their ear of corn. Save room at the top, where leaves are added. Horizontal and vertical lines are added for the ears of corn, and some kind of background may be added.
2. When the image is drawn, all the lines need to be traced with white glue. A yarn-size line of glue is ideal, but the blobs end up looking great too. Let glue dry until clear.
3. Using chalk pastels, show the students how to color in their image, taking time to rub the chalk into all the nooks with their fingertips. The chalk will stick to the paper, but rub off the glue.

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