Plaster and Jewels Paperweight

Plaster how toI made these plaster paper weights with about 30 kids today, and they really enjoyed them. The hardest part was waiting 20 minutes for them to set.

PREP: Make 10″ x 2″ stapled rings out of poster weight paper. Cut old cardboard squares for plates.

1. Students make a pancake with clay. It must be larger than their ring.
2. Plastic jewels are lightly pressed into the clay, face down.
3. The ring is pressed into the clay. Plaster is poured, and set for 20 minutes.
4. The paper ring is torn and the clay is peeled to reveal the plaster mold.
5. Glitter paint is spread over the top. A gloss sealer when the plaster is totally dry will give it extra shine.

Note: The photo was taken when I was experimenting with adding color to the plaster with dry tempera paint. It worked, but I decided it would be too time consuming for this class. Another day though, maybe!

Plaster Jewels