Polymer Clay Monster Face

polymer-monsterPolymer clay is pretty cool stuff to work with. It has this great ability to stick to itself and not fall apart. I’ve used it with smaller size classes with some great results.
1. Each student should get from 6-8 different squares of polymer clay. Start by rolling a large 2″ ball, and press it flat to make a base.
2. Next the students are to build up a nose, and added teeth.
3. The ears and hair should be added last, always taking care to keep shapes and colors symmetrical.

IMPORTANT: Use baby wipes or the equivalent to clean hands after using polymer clay. It is known to be made of some substances that don’t come off with just soap and water.
This artwork was created by my son when he was 8 years old. Mom is proud!

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  1. Kathy Barbro

    Thanks Ms. Beth,
    I have since heard info like this too about polymer clay. I’ll add a note about the clean hands tip, thanks.

  2. Ms. Beth Williams

    I went to an NAEA session and an art teacher was talking about how she is very cautious with polymer clay. She said she uses baby wipes to get the chemicals off of hands when kids are done…soap and water won’t cut it. She also said she reserves one toaster oven for clay only…it coats the inside of an oven with the polymer chemical. It sounded scary enough that I am very cautious with the clay.

  3. twinklescrapbooks

    He pretty much rocks! 🙂

  4. zobars

    Wow my 5 year old would totally dig this. But she might make a princess out of it..:)

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