Pom Pom Yarn Balls

Pom pom copyI’m in love with these pom poms! Save all those scraps of yarn – you can make these large or small with tons of different colors. I always thought I needed to buy a gadget to make them, but just found out (thank you internet!) that’s not true.
1. I used a square of matte board that was about 4″ wide to make about a 2″ ball. Wind yarn around it as shown in diagram 1.
2. Continue winding with either the same color or other yarn until it is a fairly thick band as shown in diagram 2. Bend the matte board to slide the yarn off the board.
3. Cut a long yarn for the string, place on a table, and center the band of yarn on top as in diagram 3.
4. Tie a knot that is very tight, and knot again. Cut all the loops as shown in diagram 4.
5. Give the yarn ball a fairly generous “haircut” to shape the ball. Then, use it to decorate whatever you want – or use as a really killer cat toy!

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  1. canvas art

    Thanks for the great idea!

  2. Anonymous

    You can also use these for PE activiites, catching throwing, a game called clean your room or doctor doctor.

  3. Thanks for the instructions. I am going to have my kids at school make these into bookmarks!!

  4. Kathy Barbro

    Good call Charlene. It happened with some of my kids too. In order to get a good, tight bundle, after wrapping the yarn, another pair of hands holding the bundle in place while tying it off will ensure a stronger hold.

  5. 2 Soul Sisters

    Hey- I love your blog! Lots of great ideas here. I added you to our blog roll list over at
    I am excited about some of the lessons that I have found here! Thanks….Kim

  6. Charlene

    Last year, I had my 3rd graders transform their pom pom into crazy creatures with googly eyes and pipe cleaner arms and legs. They were thrilled with them, but how do you keep them from unraveling. A few kids told me that it fell apart, but this could have been from misuse.

  7. Soon, Then

    ooh love this idea for a cat toy! Mine will go nuts!

  8. Rebecca in TX

    I remember making these when I was a kid! Fun!

  9. Patty P

    Always wanted to know how to make these! Just discovered your blog…it’s great. Thanks for sharing!

  10. sandyatyourservice

    What a great site! Have a safe and very Happy New Year!

    ~Sandy G.

  11. Team Plumley

    I’ll have to do this with my Sewing Club – they will love it!

  12. Laura Zarrin

    Thank you for posting this. I was just wondering how to make this today. I’m surprised it’s so simple!

  13. The Organic Nest

    So cute! We love all your great ideas. It really helps homeschool mom’s like me who struggle in the area of art! Thanks for you faithfulness to post. You’re a blessing :) ~Jenny

  14. This is so useful, thanks tons for sharing. I’ll be linking.

  15. Penny

    Good idea, thanks for sharing!

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