Pop Out Hearts

Valentine+3D+Hearts+Post-1019x1024I’m sure I first saw this project somewhere in on Pinterest, but I’m not sure where. All I know is that last year (almost) every kinder could make these hearts by the time class was over.

PREP: A 2″ heart punch from JoAnns or Michaels is vital. Both stores also sell pads of scrapbook paper that come in coordinated patterns, and very valentiny solid cardstock.

1. Students glue a pattern sheet of 5″ x 8″ paper to the front of a folded card.

2. Students choose five hearts, and fold them in half with the pattern on the inside. I called them “white ice cream cones”.

3. All five folded hearts are lined up together, making SURE that the fold is on the same side. A glue stick is used to glue them together.

4. The fan heart is opened up and glued to the front of the card. The process is repeated to make heart two and three.

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