Popsicle Stick Easels

easels-1I’ve fallen in love with the inexpensive little mini canvases that Aaron Brothers sells. I can’t, however, afford the matching easels for all my creations. Popsicle sticks to the rescue!

1. Begin with four 4.5″ sticks and one wooden circle. Glue three sticks with craft glue as shown. Let dry 15 minutes or until set.
2. Trim the tip off the last stick with a strong scissors. Glue the tip down, even if it is in pieces, to the back as shown. Let dry 10 minutes or until set.
3. Glue the stick in back as shown. Let dry 20 minutes or until set.
4. Set up a mini art show with all your canvas creations. My media of choice are Sharpie Brush Markers.

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