Would you like to make sure your students know how to mix a color, in this case green? Then give them one of Crayola’s Watercolor Mixing Sets (which only has shades of primary colors) and tell them their job is to figure out how. I asked my students to not only make green, but at least three different shades of green for a simple but colorful abstract landscape.

1. I set up a lot of limitations to keep students from getting distracted with drawing flowers or animals or even a sun. They were to draw at least three triangle trees, with simple trunks, and a wavy ground line.

2. When the pencil drawing was complete, they had the option of tracing their trees and coloring their trunks with brown or black crayons.

3. Next, the fun part, making green. Once the students figured out that the cyan + yellow made a pretty turquoise green, some realized that yellow + the dark blue included in the tray made a nice mossy green. From there, proportions of color could change, or white could be added to make a tint of a color.

4. As a finishing touch, small white paper circles made with a hole punch were glued on top to make a sprinkle of snow.

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