Snowflakes-in-CirclesHere’s a simple crayon and watercolor painting idea that was inspired by an illustration on a stock art website.

PREP: I’ve found it helpful to trace 9 large circles very lightly in pencil on watercolor paper to use as a guide.

1. Students to make an “X” in the middle of each circle with a white crayon, and then a horizontal line through the middle so their flake will have 6 legs. After that, they may add dots or arrows to each. They must press very hard and draw slowly to leave a lot of crayon on the paper.

2. Once you are certain that there is a snowflake drawn in the middle of each circle, pass out lots of liquid watercolors. Students fill in each pencil circle with paint, the snowflake will “magically” appear. A simple project with beautiful results, I think.

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