Radiating Hearts

Radiating+HeartsStudents can practice drawing radial symmetry around hearts to make this very pretty Valentine card.

1. I found a heart punch at Michaels and made a template for students to trace to start their cards. I wanted them to concentrate on the radial lines for this class, not so much their symmetrical heart drawing skills. With the template, they drew three hearts in pencil crayon on a white 8″ x 5″ paper and filled them in as desired.
2. Zig-zag radial lines were drawn around each heart, always pointing towards the middle. They repeated this step until the card was full of rings of color.
3. An 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of colored card stock was folded in half, and the heart drawing glued on the front. A white poster paint marker may be used to write a nice Valentine message inside.

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