Radiating Valentine Card

Radiating ValentineThis is a variation of another post called Fireworks Drawing, just using a heart as the center shape this time.
1. I used a 1 1/2″ heart die cut to make lots of card stock paper hearts. Give each student three hearts and a folded piece of drawing paper to make a card. On the front, they are to arrange the three hearts in a way that pleases them, and then trace with a colored pencil.
2. The students are to then draw edges around the outside of each heart, always in a zig-zag or radiating fashion. They start by drawing 2 or 3 borders around each heart, and then choose which ones will fill up the background.

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  1. Rachel@oneprettything.com

    Oh those are beautiful! Thanks for sharing, I’ll be linking.

  2. CC


  3. dayna

    I have your found your site wonderful! Thanks for the awesome art projects for children.

  4. Thyme

    oh, i’m in trouble! this is just the kind of resource that has me up all night making the things i want the kids to make ~ i guess i mean the things that i want to make.

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