Recycled Mosaic Picture Frame

Broken-CD-frameI love the look of stone mosaic art, but it is expensive and not really practical for young kids. I thought I’d try a variation of this idea I saw online using old plastic cards instead. Between gift cards, rebate cards, and club cards, it’s pretty easy to collect these without really even trying.
1. I started with 8 jumbo popsicle sticks, and glued them together with white glue as shown. Let dry.
2. Cut several plastic cards with a scissors into strips that are just a bit thinner than the width of the stick. Cut across the strips to make the most even and equal-sided squares that you can. Glue these onto the frame with white glue, leaving a small amount of space on either side.
3. If you like the frame with the round ends showing, stop and find or make some art for the center. I wanted a more modern look so after the squares were dry, I used a large scissors to cut the ends off flush.
4. Fill your frame with a photo, drawing, or your favorite quote. To hang, apply a stick-on hanger (available at most craft stores) on the back.

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  1. Love and Lollipops

    Super Super Super idea!! Just love it!


    These are great! So bright and cheery! I’ve linked this one and a number of your other great ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Anonymous

    Lets not forget this is a project aimed at children. 🙂 You can worry about color combination if you try it yourself. Great idea and great for recycling!!

  4. Phyl

    I love ‘green’ art and this is a great recycling project. I have a slightly out-of-whack old workhorse paper cutter that I use for cutting up cardboard boxes for sculptures; I bet I could use it to cut up the cards too. I save my good cutter for paper and precision cutting where I want right angles!

  5. Suzie-Jean Maskin

    The mosaic is great. I knew someone who also did these mosaic projects.
    She was able to get a donation of
    sample paint cards from paints stores.
    They worked well. Children colored pictures on them.


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