Recycled Turkey on a Stick

turkey-diagramThis ingenious idea for making turkeys from old food boxes comes from My Plum Pudding. It’s a great use of those colorful coated boxes that I love to collect.
This turkey is made entirely from cut up boxes that are attached to a 1/4″ wooden dowel from Michael’s. This bird may look fairly simple, but I learned that the proportion of all the circles were important so I made a visual diagram for those interested in making their own. Click here to view.

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  1. acte gratuit

    This is an addition to my comment on the Turkey Pinch Pot post below. I did a post on MY blog just now about your Pinch Pot Jack ‘o Lanterns. Here’s the link if you want to see how cute they turned out.

    Thanks for the great idea!!!

  2. Dominic

    Ohhhh. I like this. Will try it with my girls this month.

    I’ve got some consumer boxes that I have a hard time throwing away, too. Isn’t it funny how artistic packaging can sometimes be. Hidden in plain sight!

  3. Kathy Barbro

    Thanks so much for the tip Sarah! I updated my info just now.

  4. Sarah N.

    I don’t know if I’ve commented before but I absolutely love your blog. My daughter and I have lots of fun with your projects. We made these turkeys last year (and had a blast doing it). We found them at My Plum Pudding:

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