Russian Cathedral Drawing

Russian BuildingSt. Basil’s is a famous cathedral in Russia, which was originally designed as a cluster of chapels. It’s unique architecture manages to look both old and new at the same time.
1. For this lesson, I led the students in setting up their basic building shapes, but then gave them THIS color photo for a guide. Starting with letter size paper, they drew a large rectangle in the middle. An “onion” shape was added on top.
2. A somewhat shorter rectangle is attached to the left and right. A curved top with ball is added.
3. Now the fun part – lots of curves and angles and swirls are added to decorate the entire building.
4. When the drawing is complete, all the lines are traced with a black Sharpie marker and the shapes are colored in with crayon.
Thanks so much to Keana A., a 1st grader who let me share her drawing. Can you tell she comes from an artistic family?

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  1. 3D Drawing Pad

    Very abstract painting, nice colors too! Would love to hang this in the office.

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