Scratch Art Paper

scratch artYou don’t have to buy expensive scratch art paper.
If you have some good oil pastels, you can make your own.


• Card stock paper
• Sharpie, black, chisel tip


1. With a pencil, students draw at least 3 simple upside-down curves to represent hills. Next they are to draw a circle sun somewhere in the sky, and then add concentric circles around it until the sky is filled. No houses or trees are needed.
2.The pencil lines are to be traced with a Sharpie.
3. Students color in all the shapes with oil pastels, coloring heavily so that no paper shows when complete. Bright colors are best (yellow, red, orange, green and blue). No blacks, browns or navy as they won’t contrast enough from the upcoming black.
4. Students color over their entire picture with black pastel, the thicker the better.
5. With a wooden stick, the black can be scratched away to reveal the bottom colors. Encourage the students to make their lines go in different directions to create the maximum amount of “energy” in their drawing.



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