Silent Auction Canvas Art

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Auction+ArtIf it’s April then my school’s silent auction can’t be far away. After years of trying different approaches, this art is what I will stay with next year. What’s new is finding value packs of stretched canvas at Aaron Bros and Michaels. A 16″ x 20″ pack of 5 costs just $25. So for $5 plus the cost of any Sharpies, you can make a class project that is creative and very personal. This grid of 25 is made with 3.2″ x 4″ rectangles, which allows a nice size for kids to color, but doesn’t create something so large that parents have trouble hanging it. So, ten canvases down, twelve more to go. 

CanvasNOTE: To help answer questions about how this art went together, I’m adding a close up of an earlier canvas. Here the students traced their photo onto Dry Wax Paper, and colored with Sharpies. The cut out rectangles were glued to canvas with a 50/50 mixture of white glue and water. Saturate all sides of the art with the mixture, and smooth often with your fingers to eliminate bubbles. When dry, the paper hugs the canvas so well that you would swear the art was drawn directly on it.

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