Tiny Christmas Matchbox

matchbox diagramThere’s something about little matchbox type boxes that are just plain cute. But don’t buy any, make your own.

1. I adapted a box template to print on a standard letter paper. You can download my template HERE. I recommend that you copy it on the heaviest stock paper you can.
2. After cutting out the box top and bottom, score the fold lines. This can be done by taking a ruler and semi-sharp edge like that of a butter knife, and running it several times over each fold line.
3. After all 8 dashed lines have been scored, make the 4 cuts on the solid black lines. Fold on all the dashed lines in towards the middle of the box. See diagram for illustration on how the ends need to stand up like “C” shaped walls, and then the long sides go up and over, and then get tucked inside. These edges may be glued in place once you see that they fit.
4. The sleeve is easy as you just need to score 4 lines, and then wrap around the box bottom, overlap one side, and glue or tape in place. Once you see where the fold lines occur, the sleeve sides can all be colored in and decorated. Now you just have to decide what special goody to put in your homemade match box!

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