Tissue Paper Collage

tissue+collageThis is really good for young kids (age 5 and 6) who may not have used a paint brush before. The only catch is finding liquid starch, which seems to have been replaced by new products.
1. Students make a collage with just warm colors: red, yellow and orange. Give them a few dozen tissue paper squares in these colors, approx. 2″ in size.
2. I used a parchment-type paper (wax paper would work too) for the base, and gave the students all a cup of starch and brush. The starch works well because it is thick and not too sticky. Show the students how to brush a little starch on their base paper, and then place a tissue square on top. They need to repeat this, overlapping as much as possible, until the paper is filled.
3. The last step is to brush a final layer of starch over all the tissue so that everything is wet. Any dry spots will not have the nice shiny look to them.

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  1. Anonymous

    You can also buy sta-flo at wal-mart for 3 dollars a gallon.

  2. Anonymous

    I’ve used watered down elmer’s glue with tissue paper for the same technique and it works great.

  3. Erika

    I used spray starch from my laundry room. I just sprayed it in a bowl, it was foamy, but it worked.

  4. Kathy Barbro

    Sorry I didn’t see your question until now! It might work – but it might get too sticky. The nice part about the starch is that it is so mild in that respect. Might be worth checking out the glue though.

  5. terrylynnjerry

    Would white glue thinned with water yield the same results?

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