Torn Duck Collage

I adore torn edges. They have a way of making shapes that would never happen if you started cutting away with a pair of scissors.

1. Find two magazine pages with similar shades of yellow, and two with similar shades of orange.

2. Tear small shapes from both sheets of yellow and glue to make up the main body.

3. Add yellow torn shapes to create legs, tail and head.

4. Tear dark orange shapes for the feet, and light orange for the beak. Draw an eye with a black marker.

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  1. the brown couch

    What a wonderful idea! A fun way to learn colors and shapes. I especially like the fact that it is very tactile and uses fine motor skills.

    Would you be interested in participating in The Back To School event happening at my blog in conjunction with Brown Couch Events? I’d love to tell my readers about you!

    Please email me if you would like more information.




  2. Hides

    This is a great idea and looks fantastic when it is finished. I am teaching about plants this term and might try this with my year 1s. I think I will have to use plain coloured paper and create a flower or some sort of garden scene. Thank you!

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