Torn Paper Kandinsky

Torn paper KandinskyTry a torn paper Kandinsky art project for students who feel that art is always about drawing, and may not always be so keen on their skills. Sometimes just making irregular shapes with color can produce beautiful results. These circles are created in the style of Kandinsky’s “Farstudie Quadrate”.


• Multimedia paper, 9″ x 12″
• Colored paper, assorted colors, cut to 4.5″ x 4″ rectangles
• Glue stick
• Oil pastels



1. Give the students a horizontal 9″ x 12″ sheet of white paper. Then offer many colored rectangles (4.5″ x 4″) for them to choose from. They may select six, and these are to be glued down on the white paper, in two rows of three to make a grid.
2. Lots of additional (4.5″ x 4″) rectangles may be distributed. The students are to tear (no cutting!) an oval that fills one rectangle. Then they are to tear sequentially smaller ovals that fit inside, at least three ovals in each. As the pieces are torn, they may be glued down with a glue stick. Continue until all the rectangles are filled.
3. When the glue is dried, distribute oil pastels. Ask the students to choose colors that contrast with their paper, and then draw 2-3 ovals in each rectangle.






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  1. Margarete Tornabene

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  2. Levi Netland

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  3. Serena

    Great easy art project even for the little ones (ages 3 and 4). Teaches great skills like glueing and placement and shapes! Thank you for all your wonderful art projects! They have kept us busy during the summer.

  4. I love every stuff related to Kandinsky. However, I could not be able to create a nice abstract drawing. Nevertheless, love it!

  5. Miss. M. Rattner

    Loved the project, did it today with my grade 4’s and it actually turned out better than I had hoped, I used chalk pastels, it gave the art a really great look.
    Thanks for all your great ideas, I love visiting your blog, and seeing what is new and exciting.

  6. xinme

    We did something very much like this as a family art activity — inspired by another of your projects. Each person made circles with patterned papers to prepresent all the members of our family and assembled them on a square. Then we put all the squares together on a canvas. If you’re interested, you can see it here:

    Thank you for all of your inspiring ideas!!!

  7. Tess

    My”students” are my CubScout Wolf Den and they will love this project. I think this will become our Mothers Day cards with one torn flower from a garden magazine as the last center of each oval.
    Thanks for the idea….

  8. Janie B

    What a perfect project! Thanks for sharing it. I will be using it in the next couple of weeks with my students.

  9. Anonymous

    I loved this project and so did my students! Thank you! I teach at an alternative school and we do not receive any monies for art. So anything we do I buy. This one will be put in the ART folder to do again.

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