Van Gogh Ceramic Landscape

Van+Gogh+CeramicVincent Van Gogh was known for his thickly painted landscapes, so you can replicate the look with clay and kiln and glazes.
1. Give each student about a baseball-size piece of clay, and have them form a smooth ball. Show them how to press the ball into a thick pancake, using a roller if possible.
2. Give each student a stick or stylus, and have them etch a drawing into the clay. It’s good to start with a horizon line, and then add a road, grass and sky.
3. Fire the clay plates, glaze paint, and fire again. Vibrant Van Gogh-ish colors are essential!

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  1. Inspired Montessori

    Super love this and love seeing your view of teaching clay. Come see mine.

  2. Jess


    I recently did a post on my blog “The ART of Education” about “Movement” in artwork, and used Van Gogh as the primary example of using the Principles of design in artwork. Our curriculum is basked upon the elements and principles. It’s cool to see a ceramic version of the famous work.

    Thanks for all you do!

    Jessica Balsley

  3. Pauline

    Hi I have also just “discovered” your blog from a link at Barb’s blog. I have been doing clay work with my 6yo dd this year and we have a little collection built up. I was wondering if you could point me in some direction for getting glazes. Your Van Gogh looks outstanding and I would love to be able to glaze some of our works also. I am in Australia so I may be a little more limited but any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
    Great site and I look forward to visiting often!

  4. TedE

    Hello! I just found your site & really enjoy what I’ve seen so far. Many of the projects are like what I do in my room as well. It’s always fun to see how different teachers handle things! Thanks for sharing!!! I think I’ll add your link to my site!

    artfully yours…Ted (aka Mr. E)

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