Watercolor Alphabet

Watercolor AlphabetThis was my after school watercolor project this afternoon, a crayon resist alphabet grid idea that I found over at artsonia.com. I wanted the students to learn that they can control where their paint spreads, by literally making little “walls” of crayon. This colorful painting was made by Lara, a talented 1st grader.
1. I started with 11″ x 15″ watercolor paper, and drew a grid out in pencil for each student. Five rows across and five down made 25 rectangles. I explained to the students that they were to write one letter of the alphabet in each, but needed to “cheat” in one of the spaces and squeeze two in to make all the letters fit.
2. After each student wrote their letters, they traced them with a crayon. I like the Crayola Twistables as they don’t get as dull as the regular kind. The grid lines were traced also.
3. Each student was given a small brush and a variety of liquid watercolors. I asked them to change color often and see how neatly they could fill in each rectangle. Any accidental bleeding though, I think just ads charm to the artwork.
Thanks for letting me share your picture, Lara!

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  3. Crystal

    I <3 this idea!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!!! I’m going to give it a go w/ my Kindergarteners!

  4. Anonymous

    Thanks! I tried this in my ESL art class. I was surprised at how many mistakes the kids made with the “simple” alphabet. Even for native English speakers, this might be a bit easy to mess up for the younger ones. After using up 3 pieces of extra gridded paper, I opted to write the letters really small in the corner of each box for a couple of the kids having the most trouble. This can prevent making the mistake in non-erasable crayon.

  5. Aimee

    Thanks for sharing. I’ll be featuring and linking up this idea at http://www.onthelap.org for our DIY Literacy Projects. Stop by and visit and grab our “featured button as well.

  6. Tiffany

    i like this for my art in my home. i cant wait to try it.

  7. Marney Mayhem

    Can’t wait to try it!! Thanks!

  8. Edie Mindell

    This is a great art activity for kids.:-) I’m sure my kids will love to make this one. Thanks for sharing and the featured art from Lara is really awesome and creative. Thanks.:-)

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