Ryan’s Fishbowl

Watercolor+Fish+by+RyanThis fishbowl project is really a study of ovals, which helps make it look dimensional. This painting was made by Ryan, a kinder, who amazes me every week.

1. I recommend that students start by drawing the top oval first, then the bottom one centered below. Connect them with curved sides. Add the oval for the top of the water. A fish and curvy plant may be added as room allows.
2. Trace the bowl, plant and fish with a black Sharpie marker. Draw scales on the fish with a crayon.
3. Paint all the art with liquid watercolor paint. This sample was made with Dick Blick Blue, Violet, Orange and Green.

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  1. Margit Ryal

    I am always looking online for ideas that can help me. Thx!

  2. Chas Juul

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