Watercolor for Elephants Tutorial

This project worked really well for kinders through 5th graders in my after school watercolor class last week. A stock art drawing inspired the profile point of view.
 1. Draw the beginning of a large letter “G” on the left half of the paper.
 2. Add the straight back line.
3. Draw the rest of the trunk.
4. Add the cheek. The line should stop at an imagined neck.
 5. Draw the front leg.
6. Add a curve for the belly.
 7. Draw the tusk coming out of the cheek.
8. Erase the lines inside the tusk.
9. Draw a large ear and erase lines that end up inside.
10. Add a small eye and toenails.
11. Use a white crayon (shown in gray) to add wrinkles to the elephant. Press hard.
12. Draw adornments on the elephant with colored crayons. Press hard again.
13. Paint the elephant and background with watercolor paint. My sample is painted with Dick Blick Liquid Watercolor Paint.

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  1. kathy henderson

    I love this art project. The grade threes in Alberta Canada study a unit on India in Social Studies and this is a perfect project to
    integrate with their study. Thank you.

  2. da ollay

    dis waz amzebolls

    im free in november yano

  3. Anonymous


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