Watercolor Resist Snowflakes

Snowflakes in CirclesHere’s a simple crayon and watercolor painting idea that was inspired by an illustration on a stock art website.
1. As the students will first need to draw with a white crayon on white paper, I’ve found it helpful to trace 9 large circles very lightly in pencil to use as a guide. As a starting point, I encouraged the students to make an “X” in the middle of each circle, and then a horizontal line through the middle so their flake will have 6 legs. After that, they may add dots or arrows to each, but they must press very hard and draw slowly to leave a lot of crayon on the paper.
2. Once you are certain that there is a snoflake drawn in the middle of each circle, pass out lots of liquid watercolors. When the students fill in each pencil circle with paint, the snowflake will “magically” appear. A simple project with beautiful results, I think.

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  1. Jonelle Bell

    Thanks for the inspiration!!
    A Place Called Kindergarten

  2. Anonymous

    Fun way to connect with Kandinsky’s cirlce paintings, too!

  3. Anonymous

    I teach after school art classes at an elementary school that has had huge budget cuts. You have so many great ideas. I was planning on doing a crayon/watercolor resist with my kids and this might be perfect! Thanks for your creativity and great ideas!

  4. Yvonne

    So beautiful!!! I think my son is still to little yet to draw snowflakes, but we can try with little stars or I will make the flakes, anyway it will be a great to make them visible by watercolors. Another inspiring idea, thank you for sharing!!!

  5. The Boisverts

    A homeschool Mom of 3 and a friend referred this site to me…LOVE LOVE LOVE it! My oldest son, 6.5yrs, today did this snowflake idea (loving it; he’s finishing right now), and he also did the cat drawing and colored it in with pastels. My 3 year old even did the cat! I’m sooooo excited about this site; thanks so much for sharing these great ideas!!!

  6. I’m going to get the kidz to have a go at this on the weekend.

    Sounds really simple, but looks sooo effective. Thanks, I’ll definitely be back again, Kathy! :)

  7. LisaPV

    Great blog. I love kids projects, especially if they keep my 3 & 5 year old busy for more than 5 minutes. I have been putting some on my blog as well. Im also starting substituting in the fall so i will use this a resource. Thanks.

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