Transparent Line Art Leaves
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Creative drawing ideas for kids can include simple marker drawings, which are perfect for studying lines, one of the Elements of Art. This technique of drawing something with lots of … Read More

How to Draw Fall Leaves
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Learn how to draw leaves, and then put them in a grid. A variety of types, sizes and positions will make a pretty fall painting. MATERIALS How to Draw Leaves … Read More

Coffee Filter Tree Leaves
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Here’s an idea for using leftover textured paper from a Coffee Filter Tree Collage. I have a hard time throwing any of it away, it’s just too pretty. MATERIALS • … Read More

Line Art Project Leaves
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Students learn to make leaves transparent by drawing them only with lines. Make them overlap and then fill the paper for a pretty fall drawing project. These students are 1st graders … Read More

ATC Marker Leaves

These leaves could be a study in the different types that live in your area. Add layers of markers and you’ll have some very colorful art.   MATERIALS Finger paint … Read More

Pattern Leaves
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Coloring with Brush Sharpie Markers on acetate is pure pleasure, the color just glides on. The only catch is that colors can smudge when they touch, especially with black. My … Read More

Snowy Winter Landscape
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The best way to learn how to paint a snowy winter landscape is to keep the colors very simple. Violet, blue and black can look amazing all on their own. … Read More

How to Draw a Girl
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A fun way to learn how to draw a girl is by starting with a really oversized head. It not only creates a cartoon quality, but leaves a ton of … Read More

How to Draw a Scary Tree
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Learn how to draw a scary tree, by starting with your hand. This reminds me of those creepy trees that come to life in the Wizard of Oz. This drawing … Read More

Leafy Butterflies
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This leaf art project was inspired by Lois Ehlert’s beautiful book “Leaf Man”. A little technology provided dozens of leaves so my students could create leaf art just like her. … Read More

Mosaic Pumpkin Art
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This mosaic pumpkin art with tape means there no need for messy glue. More importantly, all the pieces lie nice and FLAT. Anyone who has tried before to make a … Read More

Leaf Line Drawing
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If you mix a line art lesson plan with a seasonal template, you might come up with something like this Leaf Line Drawing project. I created this leaf template years … Read More

Paint a Fall Landscape
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It’s easy to add a little perspective to a simple landscape painting. Just make your leaves various sizes, blowing around in the wind. LIKE THIS PROJECT? Learn how to draw … Read More

Fall Leaf Art with India Ink
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India Ink over oil pastel leaves makes a lovely fall art activity. If you are lucky, you can gather real maple or oak leaves to trace so they are sure … Read More

Kandinsky Tree Collage
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Combine the idea of rings or color and a tree and you get a fun Kandinsky for kids project. Great for warm and cool color studies too. If you can, … Read More

Fall Collage with Coffee Filters
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Coffee filters make it easy to create some amazing fall art projects for kids. Put them on some nice card stock paper and you have a beautiful fall collage. MATERIALS … Read More

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