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A Starry Night Gallery

This is what makes blogging so incredibly rewarding, getting emails like this.

“I’m a french ex-teacher who helps in the village where I live. Today and tomorrow we’re having an exhibition about houses in our villages and a second exhibition … showing what kids have done related to the houses. One of the project has been a collective work with your large “Starry Night”. The sky has been made of glued small pieces of paper, the front tree, hills and the surrounding of the village with herbs (like medicinal or for tisanes). It was hard to find a good glue. We finally used glue for wood. The kids replaced Van Gogh’s village by a village with houses as they are where we live and a palm tree for we have some! Really beautiful… THANK YOU for sharing your ideas and the way to carry out.” 

– Catherine


Starry Night collage

This amazing artwork comes for Linsay in Eugene, Oregon. She shared how her students (age 5-11) in the River Road Park and Recreation ASAP Program use donated magazine pictures, cut them into stamp sizes and glued them where they needed to go on my Starry Night template.



And finally, a quilt came from a reader awhile back, whose name has been lost, but who hopefully would still like her work shared. (Please comment if you know who she is). The dedication to making something so detailed and beautiful just astounds me.


Thanks so everyone for taking time out to share all of your art.

I never would have thought of such a creative uses and am inspired by all your ideas.


P.S. You can buy your own Starry Night Template in my PDF Shop at Art Projects for Kids.

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