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Abraham Lincoln Coloring Page

I made an Abraham Lincoln coloring page from my Lincoln Mural, and I think it might challenge older students to see how neatly they can fill it in.

It’s made of posterized shapes that have all kinds of wiggly lines that seen random, but them make sense once they are colored in.


• Abraham Lincoln PDF Coloring Page

• Printer

• Drawing or multimedia paper

• Markers recommended, pencil crayons or crayons



PREP: Print a coloring sheet for each student. A full color version is included in the PDF for classroom display.

  1. Students color in the darkest gray with black or another very dark color.
  2. The medium gray is colored with a medium color.
  3. The white on the face may be left empty or filled with a light color.
  4. The background needs to be colored with a contrasting color.
  5. The name also needs to be colored with another contrasting color.

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