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Easy Abstract Art Cat

One of my favorite abstract art ideas for beginners is to divide a page into quarters, and fill in with opposing colors. An instant cool look!

abstract art ideas for beginners

Careful coloring is called for, as even a little bit scribbling will not have the same effect as this amazing young student’s art.

For maximum contrast, I recommend that students fill each section with complementary colors. Blue/Orange, Red/Green, Yellow/Purple will all make the cat shapes stand out from their background, as opposed to blending it.

Not up for the messiness of pastels? Markers are another option, if you want to keep things simple.

• Drawing or multimedia paper
• Black marker
• Oil pastels
1. Fold a piece of paper in half both ways. Trace folds with a pencil.
2. Draw a simple line drawing of a cat that fills up 3/4 of the paper.
3. Use a black marker to trace all the pencil lines.
4. Color the cat and background with oil pastel colors. The colors are to change whenever a line is crossed.



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