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Abstract Numbers

Charles DeMuth was an American artist who lived in the early 1900’s, famous for his abstract paintings. Here’s a simple way to imitate one of his paintings for a great abstract art for beginners project.

abstract art for beginners

• Drawing paper
• Ruler
• Black marker
• Crayola Color Sticks or crayons

DeMuth’s “Figure 5 in Gold” is a wonderful abstract painting to show children as they can easily see the firetruck elements in it.
1. Students draw their own large block number on a piece of paper. I like to give the kids a choice of doing the 5 or another single digit number.
2. Using a ruler, they can draw about 5-6 lines from edge to edge to dissect the paper into many sections. Encourage them to spread the lines out.
3. The pencil lines are traced with a black marker.
4. Students choose one color theme for the inside of their number. In my example, I colored the inside of my 5 with  orange. When that is done, they color in each segment with different colors, overlapping to create a new color when necessary.
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