Abstract Watercolor Tree

abstract watercolor treeThis abstract watercolor tree project will help students just concentrate on keeping paint inside simple shapes. If they start with some cardboard triangles to arrange and trace as desired, it will keep the lines straight and possibly an overabundance of tiny trees that are more difficult to paint.

• Multimedia or Watercolor paper
• Cardboard triangle templates, optional
• Crayons
• Watercolor paint
• Hole punch
• White paper, scraps
• White glue


1. Have students make tall, skinny triangle templates, or for kinders or 1st graders, make them ahead of time. About three triangles are traced in the middle of the paper.

2. Students to draw a curvy ground line, and then connect the ground with the trees in a straight line to make the trunks. “V” shapes may be added in the trees to look like branches.

3. Students divide the background into 3 sections.

4. All pencil lines are traced heavily with a crayon.

5. All the shapes are painted with watercolors.

6. Use a hole punch to create lots of small white paper circles, which are glued down when the painting is dry.