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Air Dry Clay Cupcake

Thought I had to give up one of my favorite clay modeling ideas when my kiln went down. Not true, this air dry clay works just fine.

clay modeling ideas

clay modeling ideas


• Air dry clay

• Silicone cupcake liners*

• Acrylic paint

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  1. Roll a small ball of clay and push into silicone rubber base to make what looks like a pinch pot. The finished cupcake will have a hollow inside. It’s makes a for a fun container and helps the cupcake to dry faster too.
  2. Roll a 6″ or so long snake. Roll into a swirl to make the top frosting.
  3. Form a small cherry and place on top. Let dry 24 hours.
  4. Carefully remove base from liner, taking care to keep all the ridges. Dry both the top and the bottom until it is hard to the touch.
  5. Paint with acrylic paint. For extra shine, spray with a gloss.