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Ancient Maps

map art projects for kidsI’ve found another use for my supply of dry wax paper. The paper is perfect for tracing, painting and crumbling, and in making map art projects for kids.




  1. A class was studying ancient Greece, so I googled for a line drawing of a map and found THIS. I printed it to scale on a letter size paper, taped a sheet of my Dry Wax Paper on top, and had kids trace the image with a very fine point black Sharpie marker.
  2. Students used watercolor paint to fill in the land and sea. The paper did resist the paint a bit (the wax was doing it’s thing) but when rubbed with a paper towel the color soaked in.
  3. When the paint was dry, students crumbled it up and then smoothed it out. The paper is fairly tough, and does not tear too easily. I’m kinda wondering what a coffee stain might do to enhance the aged look.

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