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Annual 4th Grade Mission Project

Here’s a wall of finished 4th grade mission project drawings, just to show how much help a drawing guide and grid can offer.

I believe that the drawing guides from my California Mission Drawing Guide and the brown graph paper are a powerful combination that bring out the best in what students are able to do with architecture drawings each year.


• Warm brown construction paper, 12″ x 18″

• PDF Grid for Mission Drawing 

• Large scale printer, such as an Epson

• Art Projects for Kids Mission Drawing Guide, $5

• Black marker

• Colored pencils (Prismacolor brand recommended for the white walls)


  1. PREP: Print a light grid on brown construction paper. Print a 8.5″ x 11″ mission guide for each student.
  2. I recommend students start the drawing with the door(s). The entry ways are added, and then the walls and towers according to the diagrams.
  3. Students trace their drawings with a thin black marker.
  4. The missions are colored with colored pencils. I buy just the Prismacolor pencils at my local Michael’s store, which sells them individually. They make a much brighter white than the average brand.