Art Bots

STEAM Art ProjectHonestly, I haven’t been this floored by a simple idea since I don’t know when.

I think I first saw “Art Bots” on a Facebook page somewhere, but then I had to cross it a few more times before I tried it out. This is merely an electric toothbrush inserted into a pool noodle that is bound to a few markers that move with the vibrations. It’s not only mesmerizing to watch, it’s ripe for experimenting with the number of markers, angle of the table, and more.

• Electric toothbrush
• Pool noodle
• Kitchen knife
• Rubberbands
• Markers
• Paper

1. Cut pool noodle to approx 5″ length with a knife.
2. Insert electric toothbrush into opening until the bottom is flush.
3. Wrap two rubber bands around the sides so they are tight.
4. Insert three or more markers so they are level.
5. Turn on the tooth brush, set it on a sheet of paper and watch what it can do.