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Big Face Painting Tutorial

simple face drawing

It’s natural for young artists to draw small, so directing them with this simple face drawing to touch the edge of the paper really opens things up.

This formula will work with all kinds of media, and creates a lot of big spaces that are easily colored or painted.

1. Draw a nose line in the middle of the paper, make it as long as your finger.

2. Draw two angled lines on the side of the nose.

3. Draw two lines that go up and touch the top of the paper.

4. Draw the middle line of the mouth.

5. Add the two curved lines of the mouth.

6. Draw one side of the face.

7. Add the other side of the face.

8. Draw the top of two eyes.

9. Draw the bottom curves of the eyes.

10. Draw the curves of both eyes.

11. Add small circles in the center of the eyes.

12. Fill in the circles and add two neck lines.

13. Draw a line above and below the mouth. Eyelashes, etc. are optional.

14. Trace the lines with a chisel tip black permanent marker. Paint all the areas with lots of different color. I used Dick Blick tempera paint cakes and love the ease and inexpensive price.