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Birch Tree Paintings on Canvas


It’s easy to make birch tree paintings on canvas … if you use markers instead. Add a mini homemade craft stick easel and you have a special holiday gift.

I recommend this project for those as young as 2nd grade, but probably not any lower. It is rather easy to have the markers smear while you color, and the younger you go the harder it is for students to be aware of that while they are coloring.

I’d love to see what older students could do with this though. The Stabilo markers have about 4 different shades of blue, and the colors do blend on the canvas so a sky with multiple colors could look pretty special to.



1. Draw the trees with a pencil. Sketch lightly in case you need to erase and adjust the lines.

2. Trace the tree lines with a blue Stabilo marker. Carefully fill in the sky area.



3. Use a gray Stabilo marker to draw a vertical shadow line on each tree. Add small horizontal lines afterwards.


4. Use the end of a brush to dab white dots of paint on the canvas. If necessary, add a second dab on top make the snow dots extra white. Let dry.


5. Follow my CRAFT STICK EASEL tutorial to make a easel for your birch tree painting.

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