Bubblewrap + Yarn

Bubblewrap and YarnThis brilliant idea comes from Reggio Children Inspired, and I experimented with it a bit today. I used an xacto knife to cut slits on the flat side of large bubble wrap, and stuffed the inside with yarn. I love how it makes a messy bunch of scraps look like nice neat little balls – too cool!

My mind is sufficiently blown now with all the possibilities, because this could make some great outdoor, as well as indoor art. What if students practiced making patterns as in A, B, A, B? What if it each child created a letter with their bubble wrap square, and the sum spelled out something? What if each bubble was treated like a giant pixel and a Lichtenstein image was created? OK, maybe I’m getting into high school art there, but it’s fun to think about. Hope this inspires someone else, and I will let you know what my students do with it tomorrow.