Sharpies and Fabric

Here’s a really cool looking project that takes just a few ordinary supplies. It’s a lot of fun to make quick tie-dye looking tee shirt. MATERIALS • White cotton tee shirt • Old bowl or container • Soft paint brush • Rubber bands • Rubbing alcohol • Sharpie markers DIRECTIONS 1. Place a bowl or container under the fabric and wrap the edge with a rubber band. Adjust the fabric so that it is … Read More

Felt Pizza

One of my favorite things about felt is that pieces want to cling together without the use of any messy glue. My afterschool fabric craft class made these yummy looking pizzas today. MATERIALS Felt yardage: Beige, burgundy Felt squares: Red, pink, green, black, yellow, white, gray, black Scissors DIRECTIONS Students cut a circle out of beige for the crust. A smaller circle is cut for the sauce. Toppings are cut from the color felt … Read More

    Pop Art Landscape

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