Fall Leaf Matchbox Art

Little miniature paper leaves inspired this week’s Matchbox Art project. The best part was finding that they could be colored with markers to brighten and match them with other art. MATERIALS • … Read More

Matchbox Seashell Art

I’m tried some new Matchbox Seashell Art projects, and have found a lot of inspiration at my local Michaels store. These colorful little sea shells were perfect for a beach-themed box. MATERIALS … Read More

Holiday Matchbox Art

My Holiday Matchbox Art kids did a great job today, as they experimented with adding mini pom poms to their drawings. These two amazing 2nd graders, Rebecca and Violet, made them with … Read More

Turkey Matchbox Art
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Here’s a turkey matchbox art idea – made from pom poms and felt, and a box colored to look like a barn. This may be more craftsy than artsy, but I’m all … Read More

Gingerbread Matchbox House

Here’s an adorable Gingerbread Matchbox made yesterday by Nya, a fifth-grader. I showed students how to draw a simple droopy roof line and some candy windows, but Nya took the idea to … Read More

Snowman Matchbox

Here’s one of my recent favorites, a Snowman Matchbox project that I think I enjoyed watching as much as the students did making. I’m so happy I stumbled across this type of … Read More

Matchbox Bird House

Sometimes the art my students make just makes my jaw drop. This comes from my Match Box Art class, where I proposed students make a bird house. My sample had a very … Read More

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