Warhol Soup Can Labels

Pop artist Andy Warhol wanted to make a statement about art being everywhere – even in grocery stores – hence his famous Campbell’s soup can. Students can color my printed PDF label that has the vital logo in place, and an empty space to fill in with a creative new soup flavor. • Download Soup Can Template PDF MATERIALS • Drawing paper • Printer • Markers • Old empty soup cans • Tape   … Read More

Pop Art Portraits

Andy Warhol’s repetitive style is fun to duplicate and the perfect example for students to create their own repetitive drawings. MATERIALS • Laser prints of famous people • Acetate • Sharpie markers, assorted colors • Clear tape DIRECTIONS 1. Review some of Andy Warhol’s portraits of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, etc. Collect several photos of celebrities or of the students themselves and copy in black and white. Let the student’s choose one photo, and … Read More

More Sharpies on Canvas

More from my after school Sharpies on Canvas class, this time a from a kinder named Zoe. Students worked with a kind of Pop art theme by drawing animals and then adding lots of color in the background. Once again I credit the brush Sharpies for all that great fluid color. MATERIALS • Stretched Canvas • Brush Sharpie markers DIRECTIONS PREP: I had lots of kinders sign up for this class, so I created … Read More

Campbell’s Soup Mural from Hawaii

This Campbell’s Soup Mural has got to be one of my favorite done by students, and sent in by art teacher Stephanie Schobel. Her students at King Kamehameha III School in Hawaii made this amazing pop art composite with my Campbells Soup PDF Mural. Aren’t the colors wonderful? And I love the slight grid that shows up when students work on different pages. You can see the edges, but the image still reads as … Read More

Warhol Hand Prints

This Warhol hand print turned out well for an after school class. The watercolor background (quick drying time) allowed for the project to be done in one class. MATERIALS • Watercolor Paper, 11″ x 15″ • Crayon • Liquid watercolor paint • White acrylic paint • Black acrylic paint DIRECTIONS 1. I had pre-drawn the grid on the watercolor paper, but the students had to trace it heavily with a dark crayon. Afterwards, they … Read More

Warhol Art Trading Cards

If you are familiar with Andy Warhol’s art, then you might know that he celebrated repetition that came with popular art images like the Campbell’s soup can. I made a custom ATC template that you can download so students can come up with their own creative soup flavors. • View and download Warhol ATC Template MATERIALS • Cardstock paper, white • Printer • Paper cutter • Black marker, thin • Markers, I like the … Read More

Warhol Hand Prints

This Andy Warhol project turned out well, even for kinders. The watercolor background helped finish the project in one class. MATERIALS • Watercolor paper, 11″ x 15″ • Crayons • Acrylic paint, black and white • Paper plates or cardboard for hands to press paint • Paper towels!   DIRECTIONS 1. I had pre-drawn the grid on the 11″ x 15″ watercolor paper, but the students had to trace it heavily with a dark … Read More

Warhol Cat Drawing

Here’s a little different take on a cat drawing, one where you can focus on drawing the face, and then a sitting position for the body. It was inspired by Andy Warhol’s famous “Red Sam”.   MATERIALS • Watercolor paper • Black permanent marker, ultra fine tip • Liquid watercolor paint   DIRECTIONS 1. Start by drawing a large, rounded “W” in the middle of the paper, and connect the tops points together to … Read More

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