Fun with William Wegman

William Wegman is great inspiration for fun projects for kids. He is a  photographer famous for his compositions with his Weimaraner dogs. Wegman is fascinated with humanizing his animals and has created hundreds of amazing videos and photographs. I like his book shown here as it shows the dogs in many everyday poses. • View and download Dog Head Template … Read More

Hexagons to Cubes

A hexagon paper punch makes the perfect stencil for students to draw their own cubes. Shadow painting techniques may also be applied to make things 3D. MATERIALS • Cardstock paper for making a stencil • Hexagon punch, 2″ size • Watercolor paper • Paper cutter • Liquid watercolor paint • Black Sharpie marker • Plastic trading card sleeve     … Read More

Kindergarten Paper Quilt

Students drew their own home as one of their kindergarten art lessons. Gluing them to a large piece of paper turned them into a large “quilt”. MATERIALS Card stock paper, cut to large square shapes (mine were 5.5″) Black Sharpie markers Crayons Butcher paper Glue sticks   DIRECTIONS Kinders were already learning about families, so they each were asked to … Read More

Overlapping Printed Circles

I found preschoolers love to make simple art projects like printing, without any specific results. Styrofoam cups are the perfect tool for this. This is a simple two week project that can be fun, no matter what the final art looks like. MATERIALS Styrofoam cup Tempera paint Multimedia paper Crayons DIRECTIONS WEEK ONE: Students used a styrofoam cup and watered … Read More

“Things that are Orange” ATC Cards

One approach for an art trading card class is to think of a category, and challenge students to fill in the blanks. I offered a few orange supplies for prompts and then let the kids go to town. Any art supply that came in orange helped to spur ideas. MATERIALS Card stock paper, white Paper cutter Assorted orange art supplies … Read More

Tumbling Crayons

When looking for painting ideas for kids, try everyday objects they are familiar with. Parallel lines were important for this drawing so I gave students 6″ x 1.5″ cardboard templates, the size of the wrapper, to help them get started. Beginners traced and drew “flat crayons”, the mid levels tried layering a few of them, and advanced used curves on … Read More

Draw a Fox

Here’s a fox drawing easy enough for elementary age students. The shapes are simple, but added shading can challenge more experienced artists. MATERIALS • Drawing paper • Sharpie marker • Pencil crayons or crayons DIRECTIONS 1. Students draw the fox according to the tutorial. 2. The drawing is traced with a black marker. 3. The fox is colored in with … Read More

Wet-on-Wet Watercolor Trees

My goal for my watercolor students was to have them learn how to bleed colors together when they want, and keep them separate when they do not. This series of modern trees were easy to draw, and left lots of room for experimenting. MATERIALS Watercolor paper Crayons Liquid watercolor paint DIRECTIONS I was inspired by Eloise Renouf’s Etsy store, and … Read More

Paper Weaving ATC Cards

I’m calling this art trading card project a weaving sampler. it’s one way to introduce the very basic idea of “over and under” to young ones. MATERIALS • Card stock paper • Paper cutter • Scissors • Trading card sleeves DIRECTIONS PREP: Cut lots of cardstock cards to measure 2.5″ x 3.5″ and lots of thin strips that are 2.5″ … Read More

Bird in a Cage Tutorial

Here’s my tutorial on my “Bird in a Cage” watercolor project from earlier this week. I’m growing really fond of using both permanent markers and crayons before painting as you get the boldness of the marker lines plus the “artsy” look of the crayons. MATERIALS Watercolor paper Crayons Sharpie marker Liquid watercolor paint   DIRECTIONS 1. Draw an upside down … Read More

How to Draw a Skull, Super Easy

Learning how to draw a skull, be it for Halloween or Day of the Dead celebrations, is not that hard if you break it down into steps. MATERIALS Watercolor paper Black Sharpie marker Crayons Liquid watercolor paint DIRECTIONS Draw guide lines on paper. Draw skull as shown. Trace the drawing with the black marker. Add decorations and patterns with crayons. … Read More

Leaf Art Trading Cards

 These leaves could be a study in the different types that live in your area. Add layers of markers and you’ll have some very colorful art.   MATERIALS Finger paint paper Paper cutter (recommended) Sharpie brush markers Black Sharpie marker Metallic markers Trading card sleeves DIRECTIONS Coated paper works great with the Sharpie markers. If you don’t have access to … Read More

Art Trading Cards for Kids

I have admired Art Trading Cards for years, amazed at what some dedicated artists can create on the very small 2.5″x 3.5″ format. MATERIALS • Watercolor paper • Paper cutter • Black Sharpie marker • Liquid watercolor paint • Crayons • Old phone book papers (for house collage) • Gelli pens • Various markers • Misc stencils DIRECTIONS PREP: Cut … Read More

Textured Chicken Painting

This simple chicken painting is a great project for beginners, say like kindergarten or so. Simple shapes to draw, yet easy to personalize with a crown or extra fancy feathers. MATERIALS • Multimedia paper • Circle template, a small cup or similar • Crayons • Liquid watercolor paint • Salt DIRECTIONS 1. Students trace a small cup for a round … Read More

Mother’s Day Card

I’ve used this Mother’s Day Card idea for kinders for years and I’m still surprised at how nice they turn out, especially when colored with bright patterns. MATERIALS • White construction paper, 12″ x 18″ size • Black Sharpie marker’ • Oil pastels DIRECTIONS PREP: Cut large white construction paper (12″ x 18″) in half to make panels of 6″ … Read More

Kinder Self Portraits on Canvas

Here’s my favorite way to make canvas art for fundraisers. This is a composite of 125 kinder self-portraits, all done with permanent markers on dry wax paper. It went up for sale at my school’s silent auction. • View and download Portraits on Canvas Tutorial MATERIALS • Stretched canvas • Dry wax paper, NOT wax paper  (Dry wax paper is found in … Read More

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Art Projects for Kids