Folded Air Dry Clay Owl

I’ve tried more air dry clay projects than I can even remember, and this owl that has definitely had the best rate of success with all age students. No tiny parts that can fall off, and the folding ends up making it even stronger. Add a hole or a hook on back for an easy display. MATERIALS Air dry clay, terra cotta Old Yogurt lids Plastic wrap Old marker caps Small sticks to make … Read More

Halloween Eye Balls

Did you know you can get air dry clay in colors? I think it happens to be THE most perfect material to make some really fun Halloween eye balls. The balls are easy to form, and they dry to what feel like heavy marbles. I’ve been trying different air dry clay projects for years now, and too many end up fragile or hard to paint. I can’t wait to try these out with my … Read More

Air Dry Clay Starfish

This air-dry clay starfish will give students a change to practice their blending skills. Five fingers need to be mushed in the middle to make him nice and sturdy. MATERIALS Air-Dry clay Water Skewer or stick Paper plate   DIRECTIONS Squeeze a ball of clay, add some water to make it soft and sticky. Divide the clay into five equal pieces. Roll each into a ball and then a small sausage-looking shape. Arrange the … Read More

Ceramic Bird Nest

These ceramic bird nests were inspired by my friend Jenni Ward’s “Create with Clay 3” ebook. I love how neatly the glaze turned out, thanks to the fact that you can remove the eggs and paint them separately. My class was a mix of ages, but I found that kinders did just fine with this simple project. If you like to start your projects with a story, this “Whose Nest” book by Guy Troughton … Read More

Clay Cactus

My quest for finding easy clay projects that create sturdy little sculptures has led me to this, working with little plastic cups. I found that a little cactus formed in a plastic cup will help keep the arms in place while they dry. The cups also helped some of my very young students make their art on a scale that could hold its own weight. My previous snowman project ended up with too many … Read More

Ceramic Textured Fish

This ceramic textured fish project turned out to be a great way to guarantee even kinders make sturdy creations in clay. The solution was to give each student a slab of clay and plastic knife, and have them just cut and add shapes to it. It totally kept them from making tiny little things that often fell apart as soon as they dry. I know that when it comes to drawing, young students tend … Read More

Ceramic Heart Bowls

The Dollar Tree store scores again. Some ceramic heart bowls seen on Pinterest started my search for rounded plastic bowls to use as forms. The only problem was that bowls all had indents on the bottom, which would take away from the smooth look. I found the perfect solution with these colanders from the local dollar store. They are absolutely smooth and round, and even add a dot texture. Students may add a textured … Read More

Textured Ceramic Box

Wouldn’t this textured ceramic box make a wonderful Valentine gift? It’s just one of the amazing clay projects in my friend’s ebook, “Create with Clay”. I’m sharing some snapshots of this project to show the quality of the photos, and the detailed steps she walks you through in all of her ceramic projects. Jenni currently lives in northern California, but shows her ceramic work all over the country, so there’s nothing like getting advice … Read More

Clay Snowman

This clay snowman is made with holes in his body so real twigs can be inserted when he (or she) is finished. I’ve learned to really appreciate white ceramic projects as they are so forgiving for young artists. Any spots in the ceramic finish don’t show up nearly as much as darker colors do. MATERIAL • Ceramic Clay • Old container and water • Scratching tool • Ceramic glaze: white, black, orange • Kiln … Read More

Easy Ceramic Cupcake

This easy ceramic cupcake project is my very favorite, which I save every year for Mother’s Day for kinders. I’m pretty sure though that it has lots of appeal for any holiday gifts too. It is so simple which helps all the students feel successful when they complete it, and makes a keepsake that my parents say they have kept for years. When you find clay projects that can do all that, you keep … Read More

Terra Cotta Ceramic Owl Project

I tried this ceramic thumb owl project out this week, and loved the simplicity of it. I have learned that children really enjoy working with clay, but class-wide skill levels vary so much that it’s not easy to find ideas that work for everyone, or even almost everyone. I had some students make these owls out last year, which they painted with acrylics after they were dry, but in the end the size and … Read More

Ceramic Burger

This ceramic burger is one of my favorite projects from Jenni Ward’s ebook “Create with Clay 4”. Follow the link to get her amazing tutorial with lots of photos and helpful tips. • Purchase “Create with Clay 4” ebook Save Save Save Save Save Save

Ceramic Mug

Make a ceramic mug that smiles back at you. Detailed instructions for this project and more may be found in Jenni Ward’s “Create with Clay 2” ebook. Save Save Save Save Save Save

“Create with Clay 4” eBook

 More ceramic art projects for those who wish to try something new. The latest ebook from my friend Jenni Ward has detailed photos and instructions on how to make these very creative clay projects, including a Van Gogh Sunflower, Bear, House Numbers, Burger and 3D Letters. • View and download Create with Clay 4 eBook Save Save Save Save Save Save Save

Jenni Ward: Clay in the Classroom

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Here’s some great advice that my friend and ceramic artist shared recently. She’s an accomplished ceramic artist who shows her work all over the country. Nothing like getting help from the experts! • Clay in the Classroom Save Save Save Save Save

“Create with Clay 3” eBook

More help for the ceramic artists, here’s “Create with Clay 3” from my friend and ceramic artist Jenni Ward. This one has all kinds of good pointers on how to make legs that will stand up, how to make different textures, and more. • View and download Create with Clay 3 eBook Save Save Save Save Save Save

Ceramic Tea Cups

This ceramic tea cup is one of my favorite projects that is in my friend Jenni Ward’s new ebook, “Create with Clay 3″. When I think of all the possible variations you could try with these, it really blows my mind. The book with detailed written instructions will be posted before the weekend is over. Save Save

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