How to Draw the Mayflower

I showed my students how to draw the Mayflower last fall and was happy to see so many make beautifully detailed ships. Try drawing on kraft paper from the scrapbook dept. and those sails just pop off the page. • View and download Mayflower Tutorial MATERIALS • Print of tutorial for each student • Brown kraft paper • Sharpie, black, fine tip • Colored pencils DIRECTIONS PREP: Print or draw guidelines on each paper. … Read More

Draw Frankenstein

I created a How to Draw Frankenstein tutorial that targets early elementary student. The hair, screws and hunch back are all you need to know exactly who this is. MATERIALS Draw Frankenstein PDF tutorial (see link below) Drawing paper Black marker Crayons   DIRECTIONS PREP: Print guide lines or fold paper to make creases. Students follow the tutorial to draw Frankenstein. The drawing is traced with a black marker. Frankenstein is colored with crayons. … Read More

Be My Valentine Painting

This Valentine painting was inspired by a simple stock art drawing. I think it would make the beginning of a great story, given it’s a flying cat, holding a heart for someone. Lots of questions to be answered. I highly recommend either printing the guide lines shown before hand, or having kids fold their paper to make four equal sections on the paper. It really helps kids judge their placement of lines when drawing. … Read More

How to Draw Martin Luther King

I put my portrait drawing skills to the test today to see if I show students how to draw Martin Luther King, hopefully with a decent resemblance. The kids did a great job so I thought I’d pass this along as I know quite a few students are studying the life of this amazing man. TIP: I strongly recommend using a thick black Sharpie marker for all the black as it really helped to make … Read More

Draw Santa’s Face

Looking for an easy way to draw Santa’s face? If so, here’s a simple approach drawing just his head. And if you work on brown kraft paper, you will get a nice old-fashioned look, along with the chance to color a nice white beard and fuzzy hat brim. • View and download Santa PDF Tutorial MATERIALS • Color print of Santa tutorial • Drawing paper (my sample used brown kraft paper) • Black marker … Read More

Giant Nutcracker Drawings

     My art room is filled with giant Nutcracker drawings right now, waiting to be lined up in our auditorium for our upcoming holiday show. I took a que from my Harvest festival decorations on butcher paper sketched one master nutcracker and have been tracing him in pencil for days. The kids love to trace and color with three students working on each one. I’ve kept it for 2nd through 5th graders as my … Read More

Draw a Teddy

I taught my students how to draw a teddy with a few simple shapes, and they found many, many ways to turn him or her into their own creation. For instance, it only takes a shorter shirt and added skirt to turn this boy into a girl. View and download Teddy Bear Tutorial MATERIALS • Color print of Teddy Bear Tutorial • Drawing paper • Black marker • Crayons DIRECTIONS PREP: Draw or print … Read More

Draw Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

I’ve made a tutorial on how to draw Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, which I believe keeps his cute details, while keeping him as simple as possible to draw. That said, I would target this tutorial for children maybe ages 9 or 10. Rudolph is made from a lot of rounded, unsymmetrical shapes which I find are better for older students. • View and download Rudolph Tutorial MATERIALS • Color print of Rudolph tutorial … Read More

Draw a Cartoon Turkey

For something new, draw a cartoon turkey and then make up a funny story about him or her. This guy is pretty simple, and I’ve even tried it successfully with kinders. At the very least, you will get something far better than just tracing your hand. • View and download PDF Turkey tutorial MATERIALS • Color print of Turkey tutorial • Black Sharpie • Crayons • Liquid watercolor paint DIRECTIONS 1. Draw turkey according … Read More

Draw a Bat, and the Perfect Book

My first graders were shown how to draw a bat, but only after learning some more about them in this amazing new book I found “Nightsong”. It beautifully illustrates how they use their radar to see at night, and tells of a young bat’s first flight by himself. Really one of those special books, and a great match for this how to draw project. MATERIALS • Hanging Bat Tutorial (see link below) • Drawing … Read More

How to Draw a Pumpkin

There are many “How to Draw a Pumpkin” tutorials out there. This is my take on what I would share with older students, namely third through fifth graders. They should be able to appreciate how the built in vertical lines can make the pumpkin look more like a sphere, instead of a flat circle. They start with three round overlapping shapes, then add the inner lines. The different angles of each pumpkin make for … Read More

How to Draw an Owl

Learn how to draw an owl, and then finish it of with some pretty paint and metallic markers. Their shimmery color will look extra pretty against the matte paint colors. PREP • Print Easy Owl PDF template MATERIALS • Liquid watercolor paint • Sharpie, black, fine point • Crayola Metallic Markers DIRECTIONS 1. Print a tutorial for each student. Students draw the owl on a sheet of multimedia or watercolor paper. For special occasions, … Read More

Easy Statue of Liberty Tutorial

I created this easy Statue of Liberty tutorial for 1st graders, who study US symbols in the spring of each year. If you simplify the clothes, it really helps students concentrate on the very unmistakable pose of Lady Liberty. • View and download Statue of Liberty Tutorial MATERIAL • Watercolor paper • Sharpie marker, fine tip • Crayons DIRECTIONS PREP. Print a tutorial for every student to see. Draw or print guidelines on paper. 1. … Read More

How to Draw a Bald Eagle

Are your students studying American symbols? I tried this Bald Eagle drawing out with first graders last week, and they did an amazing job. The key is having the guide lines shown on my tutorial. It really helps them get their drawing off to a great start. MATERIALS • Bald Eagle PDF Tutorial • Drawing paper • Sharpie marker • Tempera paint DIRECTIONS 1. Students fold the paper in half four times to get … Read More

Draw the Grinch

You can learn how to draw the Grinch’ with a very mischievous face with my step-by-step tutorial. I’m going to see if I can play my favorite “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch” song when my students draw him next week. • View and download the Grinch Tutorial MATERIALS • Color print of Grinch tutorial • Multimedia paper • Sharpie, black, fine tip • Watercolor paint DIRECTIONS PREP: Draw or print guidelines on paper. … Read More

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